Wow...I've got a new Schacht LadyBug

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So, I went to TNNA with my Mom last weekend... and she decided that I really, really need a spinning wheel for my Birthday. Not sure why she came up with this (although I gather that I'm really hard to purchase Birthday presents for)....We bought one of the floor samples and now I have this new spinning wheel. The cats are fascinated! I'm not sure I know what I'm doing.

I already spin with a drop spindle, so I certainly understand the concepts...Guess I'll have to bug Morgaine (who lives in my town) to help me get what I'm doing with this wonderful new toy. I'm curious to hear what people on this tribe think of Schacht and the LadyBug. What are its limitations?

Also, how long until the cats stop being so fascinated? I'd be afraid to leave fiber on the wheel right now (even spun on a bobbin) because they're *soooo* fascinated.
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    Wed, January 16, 2008 - 5:40 PM
    I adore Schacht, I have regular double treadle that they've been selling for years and I use their floor loom. It's a fantastic company and I think the products are the best. If I could only own one wheel it would be the Schacht, it can spin anything from fine cotton on up.
    The lady bug is cute I'm curious to know how you like it.

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